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I’m Super Gay Tshirt

It’s like regular gay but you get to wear a cape.

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(My sister is a lesbian and after our mother doesn’t react very well to her coming out, she is nervous about telling our more conservative father.) Sister: “Dad, I need to tell you something.” Dad: “Okay.” Sister: “I’m gay.” Dad: “That’s nice. What do you want for dinner?” (A couple months later she...
(Note: I’m a female customer sitting in a pub. I’m approached by another male customer while I read a book.) Male customer: “Hello, my name is ***.” Me: “That’s nice.” Male customer: “So can I have your number?” Me: “Oh. Actually, I’m gay.” Male customer: “You want to have sex with women?” Me: “Well...
what-the-fiction submitted: So there’s this kid in my art class who doesn’t think it’s possible to like both coffee and tea. I wonder how he’ll react if he finds out I’m bi. And then I started thinking about it…and that’s the best metaphor. It’s like, ...
Explaining my lesbian engagement to my 4yr old niece Emma
ME: Emma I’m going to marry Allison Emma: Ok ME: Do you want to ask me any questions why I’m marrying a girl and not a boy? Emma: Yes! CAN I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE THE FLOWER GIRL?! ME: Sure, do you have any other questions about me and Allison getting married? Emma: YES! PLEASE PLEASE ...
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Straight Pride Parade
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I was born of heterosexual parents. I was taught by heterosexual teachers in a fiercely heterosexual society. Television ads and newspaper a...