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Paint on Fabric Walk Through
PaintBerri now in Open Beta!
The PaintBerri team is excited to officially announce that the site is now in open beta! During our 4 month closed beta, we added a ton of new features and fixes, including a lite painter for older computers & mobile devices, fun games for socializing, and a block feature for avoiding drama ...
FireAlpaca is now COMPLETELY a Paint Tool SAI alternative!
BITMAP WATERCOLOR BRUSHES, Y’ALL!!! Want to make some SAI brushes in FireAlpaca? Check out THIS handy Guide!Want to make this brush? Just make a perfect circle and save it (I call mine “round”) and use it as the bitmap, and copy the settings above. It works pretty nicely :D
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Adventure Time
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Anything VINE Can Do, YOUTUBE Does Better (ft. Thomas Sander...
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