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REPEAT AFTER ME: ‘My current situation is not my final destination’

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REPEAT AFTER ME: ‘My current situation is not my final destination’
the most important thing right now is you look after yourself put yourself first if you aren’t okay then nothing else will seem okay either tell yourself you’re wonderful treat yourself right you are the most important thing right now everything else will fall into place
There are going to be days like today and I’ve accepted that. I am alive. I am breathing. I am trying. I am growing. and for no...
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The numbers start getting smaller on the scale but so does the number of friends you have and the number of years you are going to live an...
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REMINDER THAT IT IS OK TO HAVE: stretch marks long labia a tummy love handles cellulite large areolas  NO thigh gap jiggly thighs scars a big nose body hair moles/birthmarks THESE ARE NOT THINGS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF. THESE ARE NATURAL THINGS THAT YOU SHOULD EMBRACE. THE HUMAN BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. ...
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Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.