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When someone is broken, they don’t necessarily want someone to fix them. They just want to find someone who will make sure they don’t break anymore.

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I saw an angelon the bus,with calligraphy curvesand willowy limbs,and she was beautifuland I wasn’t lustful, or envious,just a happy admirer.Then,she touchedher stomachwith her lady-like hands,and sucked it in.And it broke my heart to thinkthat maybeeven angels cry. 
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I don’t want to be toldthat the moon is beautifuldespite the factthat it is cratered,I want to be told that the moon is beautiful because of the factthat it is cratered,and that the blinding suncan’t helpbut shine a light on this broken beauty. 
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You wear your prom dress like a hospital gown and when your date says you look beautiful, you laugh like you’re waiting for the punchline. ...
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her mouth is a cathedral you go there to confess your sins and have them forgiven her thighs are the altar where you worship her her hips a...
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i tried to write about your eyes but i ran out of clichesi tried to say you plainlybut there wasn’t enough truthwhoever invented this language didn’t anticipate you