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I don’t want to fight. I want to be strong, there’s a difference.

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I don’t want to fight. I want to be strong, there’s a difference.
I look for myself in others, because I’m the only person who knows how to love me.
Time will tell. Be patient, and don’t stress.
I have felt silence like boulders against my chest. It is not words that affect us, it is the lack thereof. I mean we can listen to someone ...
Give someone butterflies today… If, tomorrow, they fly away, At least you’ll have the chance to say You helped brighten their yesterday.
Quotes are like little keepsakes from books I’ve read, people I’ve met, stories I’ve heard. I carry around these quotes because they make me...
To live and to exist are two incompatible things. To exist is simply to survive, but to live is when adrenaline pumps through your veins and...
Sometimes while waiting for our wounds of the past to heal, we bleed. And that’s okay.
I want happiness. Pure happiness. I don’t want to have the best nights of my life knowing I still have demons to face when I get home.
Repeat after me: I am not my flaws, but how I work on them. I am not my mistakes, but what I learn from them. I am not my barriers, but how...
I think people forget you can change your life dramatically in a matter of seconds if you really wanted to.
You know it’s real when poetry flows at your fingers even when you’re inebriated at 3 AM–and in the morning it’s still true.