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I found this on Facebook and I couldn’t read it without crying. Their story needs to be heard. Idk their name but on Facebook they go by Made Moiselle. They asked that people share this so I am because these racist ass cops NEED TO BE STOPPED!

“Hi FB! I have watched and posted many stories about police brutality for some time as I know many of you have as well, but part of me has always been relieved that it didn’t happen to me…until now!

On Saturday at 2 or 3 in the morning, my girlfriend and I were heading home in a cab after watching the last round of Afro Punk’s Battle of the Bands! We got out of the cab a block from where we live and decided to walk home. We were singing, laughing, and talking about the night when suddenly a white man came barreling down the street clearly upset about something and bumped into me.

Alarmed, I asked him if he was ok. He turned around and barked at me to mind my own business "you fucking dyke!” Shocked, I told him to watch his mouth. He then shoved me so hard I fell back. I got up and told him not to touch me again. He then started attacking me out of no where with rage in his eyes! He had me in a chokehold and kept repeatedly hitting me in my face. Feeling all the air escaping my lungs as my life was slipping away, I bit his arm so hard so that he would release me. He was trying to kill me!

My girlfriend seeing this tried to pull me from his grip, but he grabbed me by my hair and continued to punch me in the face and attack me. We kept yelling at him to let me go, but when I looked in his eyes I didn’t see a man, I saw a monster. A monster that wanted to kill me. And he would have had I not kept biting him with all my strength. When my girlfriend tried to get in the middle to pull us apart, he then turned on her. Knowing that she is much smaller than me, I feared that he would try to kill her too, so I jumped on him and continued to bite him.

He was much larger than us. I am 5'5 115lbs. My girlfriend is 5'2 105lbs. This man is around 6ft 220lbs with muscles. We had no chance against him so the only thing I felt I could do was disable him by biting him as hard as I could all over. I bit his fingers, chest, arm, anywhere I could land my teeth so he would stop attacking.

When I jumped on him after he tried to attack my girlfriend he slammed me on the ground so hard I nearly blacked out from the pain. Now he was on top of me choking me and hitting me. I yelled for help! We just so happened to be by a police precinct.

The man that was attacking me then said that he was a cop. Surprised and in completely disbelief, my girlfriend shouted at him to show us his badge. I couldn’t believe that an actual cop would attack two women on their way home. Suddenly an unmarked car pulled up, and a cop jumped out. He ran towards us. I thought I was finally saved. Little did I know, we were not!

He handcuffed my girlfriend. I was stunned and asked him to tell me why. He never said. Then a swarm of police came and threw me on the ground. My head hit the pavement so hard that I thought for sure, this is it, I am going to die! I could hear my girlfriend in the background crying and I kept trying to assure her that everything would be ok, but deep down I knew it wasn’t true. They all roughed me up, putting all of their weight on my neck, back and shoulders as they forcefully placed me in handcuffs.

I kept shouting for them to tell us why we were being arrested. They never said anything to us. They didn’t read us our rights or tell us the reason for our arrest. All they did was throw us in a holding cell at the 63rd precinct. Completely emotional and angry at this point, I kept demanding that they tell us why we were being arrested. They all kept quiet. I told them that they were wrong. That we did nothing wrong and that this man attacked us. I told them to release my girlfriend because she didn’t deserve to be in jail. I didn’t either, but I knew they were going to try to keep one of us locked up and I didn’t want her to go to jail. After a lot of yelling and screaming, they finally released my girlfriend because I’m sure they knew they had no real reason to hold her.

I on the other hand, was accused of assaulting an officer and I was sent to Rikers jail. I spent the day in Rikers replaying the nights events, crying silently wondering how could this happen and why to me. I have to go to trial on Thursday early in the morning, but I have to post this so you all will know that police brutality is real. They are not here to protect you, you are the enemy.

Please share this post, so the world knows what is going on. I am posting pictures of my injuries so you all will see what this monster did to me. My eye is bleeding, my jaw is bruised and swollen, I have bruises all up and down my body from the assault and there is barely a single part of me that isn’t in excruciating pain. The bruises, cuts and physical scars are nothing compared to the emotional and psychological scars that will remain with my girlfriend and I forever.

I am still shaken by this, and the battle has only just begun, but please help me by spreading the word! This has got to stop! We need to show them, that this is not ok! That we will not continue to stand for this injustice! Unlike our fallen comrades like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and the thousands of people that were killed by the hands of these cops, I am just grateful to God that I am still alive to tell my story, so please share it with as many people as you can! Thanks in advance!“


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