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  • 1:How do you like your coffee/tea?
  • 2:Who are some of your favorite youtubers?
  • 3:Do you always say please and thank you?
  • 4:What is your preferred form of creative expression?
  • 5:What is your honest opinion of the asker?
  • 6:What was the most profound thing that someone has ever said to you?
  • 7:What’s your favorite thing about your favorite season?
  • 8:Do you like to watch reality television shows?
  • 9:A memory you have of the asker is…
  • 10:Have you ever been to California?
  • 11:What color eyes do you have?
  • 12:What’s your favorite classic novel?
  • 13:Would you date the last person you texted?
  • 14:When was the last time you went to an amusement park?
  • 15:What’s one of your earliest memories?
  • 16:What was the last thing you took a picture of?
  • 17:Are you a cat or dog person?
  • 18:What song reminded you of who today?
  • 19:Do you like your handwriting?
  • 20:Something you’ve done recently that you regret?
  • 21:What was the last book you read and what did you think of it?
  • 22:Did you ever make any mixtapes?
  • 23:Who’s your favorite female vocalist?
  • 24:Who’s your favorite male vocalist?
  • 25:Do you consider yourself more introverted or extroverted?
  • 26:Do you plan on moving within the next year?
  • 27:How many times have you moved in your life?
  • 28:Do you actually get along with your siblings?
  • 29:How tall are you? Would you like to be taller/shorter?
  • 30:What’s something that you don’t like to tell many people?
  • 31:At what age would you like to have kids?
  • 32:What was the last thing you cooked/baked?
  • 33:Were you named after anyone?
  • 34:What are your initials?
  • 35:What is something you discovered recently?
  • 36:What did you want to be when you were a kid? Any special reason?
  • 37:Do you consider yourself a good driver?
  • 38:Who’s someone you look up to?
  • 39:Share a story from your childhood.
  • 40:How do you like you’ll die?
  • 41:When was the last time you cried and why?
  • 42:Do you care much for what people think of you?
  • 43:What was the last thing you did that was out of your comfort zone?
  • 44:What was the last dream you remember having?
  • 45:What do you and your siblings have in common?
  • 46:What was the last argument you had with your friend/s?
  • 47:What size shoe do you wear?
  • 48:When was the last time you made blanket/pillow fort?
  • 49:What is your favorite kind of candy?
  • 50:[Any question you’d like.]

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