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random Character Design
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Send my muse a "?"
I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-24 to see how my muse reacts to:Your muse making mine some hot chocolate Your muse wrapped up as a present Your muse making an awful snow man Your muse asking for help putting up up decorations Your muse singing carols Your muse hiding mistletoe everywher...
HYBRID MEME: Random generator meme AND random sentences!
Send me “MIX IT UP!” and I’ll generate a number from 1-55 and my character will respond to yours saying… *Please be careful not to accidentally send a response to a meme archive hosting this meme, such as its originator inboxideas. Please also do not remove this notice. Thank you and happy roleplay...
supernatural random acts of kindness 9.01 random kindness random kind acts
Send my muse "Gimme gimme gimme!"
And I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-45 to see what my muse gives yours from the list below. All simple or fluff! A bouquet of flowers A box of chocolates A baby A hamper of treats Some “get well soon” soup A list of chores Balloons Tickets to a screening of their favourite ...
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