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The privilege means people ask, “Why did she go over that late?” and not “Why did he invite her over that late?” It asks “why didn’t she fight back?” and not “Why didn’t he stop?” It asks “Why did she drink so much?”, and not “Why did he give her doubles all night?”. It asks “What has she done with boys in the past?”, and not “Why did he pick her?”. It asks “Why didn’t she call the roommates for help?”, and not “Why would she want them to walk in to see her naked and being raped?”. It asks “Why did she do nothing?” and not “How scary that must have been, being raped by a friend?”.

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Ok, I’m seeing a lot of Barbs on Twitter defending Nicki Minaj and her bailing her brother out… and I’m struggling trying to comprehend WHY!If you didn’t already know Jelani Maraj, Nicki’s brother, used Nicki’s name to lure a 12 year old girl into his truck, drove her around the corner ...
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That Never Happened: Notes on a Post about Feminism
That never happened, you’re making it up, but you need to realize it happens to men, too, and it was obviously a joke when it happened. Anyway, everyone does it sometimes, but not all men. You feminists generalize everything. It hurts my feelings when you’re so sensitive. Nothing in life is more ...
It is supremely awful to say that the best way to prevent rape is for women to learn self defense.
Obviously, a woman shouldn’t need to be a Tae Kwon Do black belt to not be sexually assaulted. But it’s more than just that. 80% of women and 30% of men with intellectual disabilities have been sexually assaulted. 50% of those women have been assaulted more than ten times (Sobsey & Doe, 1991; So...
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“The new law mandates all school districts that have made health a graduation requirement to lecture students about sexual violence prevention and affirmative consent starting next...
Male privilege & a basket of tampons
Years ago, a friend went to a party, and something bothered him enough to rant to me about it later. And it bothered me that he was so incensed about it, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. It seemed so petty for him to be upset, and even more so for me to be annoyed with him. Recently, something r...
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