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Good times, good times..

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Playing Dungeons & Dragons:
DMing for a group of pure Power Gamers:
comic Dungeons and Dragons d&d
Cleric: I cast Insect PlagueDM: Wow, I accidentally typed “Incest Plague”Ranger: A plague on just your household!
Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master d&d
Critical failure. You kick yourself in the balls.
DM: You guys find yourself in a forsaken tundra Mage: Im going to build a snowman! DM: Roll Mage: *Rolls a 1 on d20* DM: Congratulations you’ve set the tundra on fire somehow
don't trust politicians who never played Dungeons and Dragons... what do they know about forming par...
you can’t ALL play lawful evil rogues
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Would you be offended if I started looting?
DM: Ok, so the velociraptor is cuddling with you in your bed.
DM: “The orb of light begins to escape”Ranger: “I roll to seduce it”Ranger: *Rolls 20*DM: *Sighs heavily*
"I flirt with him" "…He rejects your advances" "I break his other leg."