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Reblog if you'll be staying on tumblr, update or no update.

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Reblog if you'll be staying on tumblr, update or no update.
So I took a moment to test the  block user update with a friend and this is what I learned:
With the help of baneoftoasters I got to check out this update and see what exactly it does.So this is what the blocked users list looks like now.I’m going to add them on here for testing purposes.Oh hey now they’re on the list, all pixelized and blocked! Neat. Now here are our testing notes.When a ...
every time a new tumblr feature is added xkit guys strolls in like:
mine Korra legend of korra the legend of korra mako Bolin tlok lokedit I'm Lost i'm back hey HOW THE HELL DO I EDIT THE HTML WITH THIS NEW TUMBLR UPDATE
Missing e fix tumblr dashboard 2.13.0 fixes bug fix
* gifs Halloween philosopher's stone 10k hpgif hpedit Mikaela I made this before the update to hell with the new tumblr update I refuse to change the gif size
Notes for new format:
To bold, italicize, list, or do anything else to text, highlight it and click the corresponding symbol to get what you wishTo add a readmore, picture, line break, or video after writing some text in a post, press enter to start a new line, and it will show up. It only shows up if you have not typed ...
doctor who mine dw David Tennant ten 10th doctor tenth tumblr update please tell me I'm the first one to do this
Heenim's instagram update (????)
Wait wha- um what WHAT? WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT WHAT Everyone … beware.. he’s somewhere around us ….
tumblr i just plot twist tumblr changes tumblr update tumblr maintenance
tumblr my stuff ugh update saturday new tumblr tumblr update only in HELL HEEELP aahaha I get way too bored tumblr apocalypse like freaking hell
haha doctor who Rose Tyler ten just in case TenxRose flashing gif dwedit but if not so here you go! *pats back* i hope this syncs dredits rtdedit zoragraves my first gifset after the tumblr update so i went with the old dimensions and i even got a little creative hahahah this is for you because you said we're good as long as i keep make rose and ten gifs and thank you again for your help :) IT WORKS TOO