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Reblog if you love Heavy Metal of the 80's

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Reblog if you love Heavy Metal of the 80's
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  • Iron Maiden:That one popular nerd that lets people copy their homework.
  • Motorhead:That one kid who isn't even threatening yet nobody wants to fuck with them.
  • Metallica:The popular kid who has a reputation for bullying weaker kids.
  • Megadeth:Bullied kid who fought back, who thinks they've beat the bullying, but the other students still take the piss behind their back.
  • Slayer:That student who's always found at the back of the playground, probably smoking or drinking. Lots of kids want to be like them, but can't be bothered to.
  • Anthrax:The class clown who acts like a bigshot in class but most likely sits alone at lunch.
  • Municipal Waste:Probably friends with the Slayer kid, also probably the drug dealer.
  • Nuclear Assault:That one kid who constantly puts down technology and thinks they were born in the wrong generation.
  • ...