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Tyra Banks is an idiot. Sasha Grey lover for life.
  • Waitress:Your bill is $40.50.
  • Customer:I only have 30. Can you go a little lower?
  • Waitress:...
  • W:The steak is $50.
  • C:I have 20.
  • W:Sorry.
  • C:But I want the steak. 20 is still a lot.
  • C:Can I get tacos?
  • ...
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A 37-year-old mother of three, she very succinctly told me about her life: “These were my options: I could be apart from my children for 10 ...
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"How can you be a feminist when men objectify you at work?" - a response
As a stripper, I am faced with this question daily. If not online, then by my peers. If not by my peers, then by the judgemental partners of some of the other girls I dance with. If not by their partners, then by customers themselves! Someone, somewhere, is always going to be asking me (and any othe...
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What I Mean When I Say I’m Sex Negative that sex positive feminism has little room for survivors of assault that sex positive feminism has little interest in helping people who don’t want their sex-life to be a coping mechanism from trauma that sex positive feminism prioritizes individua...
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