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The Master Sex Worker TV Marathon
TELEVISION SHOWS Masters of Sex Deadwood Firefly The Playboy Club The Client List Secret Diary of a Callgirl Satisfaction Hung Dollhouse DOCUMENTARIES Daddies Date Babies 9 to 5 days in porn American Courtesans Aroused Bettie Page Reveals All Client 9 Live Nude Girls Unite! Mutantes: Punk Porn Femin...
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How to temporarily stop your period
COCONUT OIL!Yes, coconut oil! If you have an upcoming appointment w/ a client or a meeting with your sugar daddy or just want to shorten it for whatever activity, coconut oil will not only temporarily stop your period, but it may even shorten the entire length of it. Just eat a tablespoon of coconut...
Tyra Banks is an idiot. Sasha Grey lover for life.
  • Waitress:Your bill is $40.50.
  • Customer:I only have 30. Can you go a little lower?
  • Waitress:...
  • W:The steak is $50.
  • C:I have 20.
  • W:Sorry.
  • C:But I want the steak. 20 is still a lot.
  • C:Can I get tacos?
  • ...
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A Sex Worker on the First Time I Was Harassed At Work:
It was a normal day and I was bored. My back hurt, my feet hurt, basically every body part hurt but I couldn’t leave, obviously, I needed the money.This relatively unassuming man comes in, in a suit, the kind I see every single day. He opened with “you’re gorgeous,” I smiled and asked what I could d...
PSA: Abstinence-only sex education does not work
Evidence hereMore evidenceFurther evidenceEvidence in chart form States with abstinence-only education also have highest teen birth rate An academic studyAnother academic study Yet another study Watch out even more academiaA full-fledged REPORTPlease tell your friends/representatives
List of Good Orgs that are Involved in Sex Work and/or Sex Trafficking
This list contains the names and contact info of NGOs and other organizations that provide genuine help to victims of forced sex labor without harming voluntary sex workers. Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women (GAATW);  supports decriminalization and recognizes that any criminalization hurt...
Something I noticed when I was stripping was that the younger, “hipper,” generally white patrons I came into contact with were by far the most vested in the whole “emotionally invasive performance of enthusiastic consent” thing. They all wanted to hear how I was doing it because I was “empowered” or...