• reblog this and tag the most memorable way you lost one of your baby teeth mine's a tie between my sister pulling a recorder out of my mouth and taking one of my front teeth with it and biting into a toffee apple and going in for another bite and seeing my tooth sticking out of it oiltipped •

reblog this and tag the most memorable way you lost one of your baby teeth

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<3 emetophobia and i laughed selfie bee this is how i died a lot in middle school i had braces and it were these kind of braces which have little rubber bands to keep your mouth shut in a way that makes your teeth move right and one day (it was during lunch break in the cafetaria) my friend told a joke and one of my rubber bands EXPLODED in my mouth and if flew out of my mouth like a bullet flew above the table leaving a trail of split actually I do not know who was hit by it because I was busy with dieing but I could not find it again if you are in middle school right now let me tell you I am very sorry but you are going to survive this and you are going to have awesome teeth!! hopefully this is the right way to tag it? D:
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My art BBC Merlin merthur otp: i couldn't bear to lose you yes merlin just fling yourself at him that's right he'll always catch you :') pretty sure i exploded with emotions at least 73 times while drawing this i also no longer have any teeth because they all rotted and fell out of my mouth from the PURE SUGARY SWEETNESS also i'm pretty sure in *modern day* the lake was supposed to have turned into a field but that's stupid fuck that is anyone even online right now whatever i wanna post it i'll just reblog it later one day i will post art that doesn't have a paragraph of pointless tags but today is not that day :)))
1k * taylor swift tsedit tswiftedit candy swift i've never been so in love with another human being in my life
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Captain America Steve Rogers my darling peggy carter I HAD A DATE agent carter steggy the ship of pain the right partner i couldn't leave my best girl captain rogers relied heavily on you
MY EDIT the mortal instruments Lily Collins Xavier Samuel clary fray tmiedit jonathan morgenstern bear  with me i'm gonna run out of material to gif soon and i shall stop shoving this casting down your throats but in the meantime i'm so pumped up wit cohf cover   i just had to i can't imagine it's not going to boil down to showdown between these two? with 'all that could have been' by nin playing in the background and it's too late and it was never soon enough and it has always been doomed and they could have never been anything but this: broken unfitting misunderstood hating each other driven to kill one another though they are the last one and the bloodline dies if one strikes the other and it has to be clary fighting him it has to be clary facing him it has to be her regretting ALL THESE WHAT IFS?? what if i loved him like he's my brother what if he loved me like i'm his sister what if we lived like we are the family what if we belonged like we are the one (they are yin and yang leave me alone) instead he's no one's he's alone she finds relief in hatred and anger so she hates and she fights and she knows she must kill him in the end she rejects all these what ifs she rejects the notion he can feel he's human he has a heart because there is no saving him there is no building them there is no having home there is no forgiving only death then grief in white and then never  being complete and always living with this burden of killing him while not having a chance to love him
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doctor who ** Eleven river song otp: you watch us run 11river do you ever fucking cry about how fucking hard Eleven fell for River Song and how it all just came together like a puzzle and how it fit how the suspicion in his eyes and the curiosity turn into fondness that however annoying it is when she tosses those Spoilers out at him the curiosity just wins out every single time and the fondness swells until it becomes overwhelming so taken with her that he starst to look forward to seeing her again and how it happens almost and most certainly without his consent because he doesn't want to fall for her - not another one he knows how it ends and it does not end well so No he tells himself and Don't and Stop It Before It's Too Late but she is his equal - she is HIS Doctor he never had a chance
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MY EDIT game of thrones gotedit gotcatelynstark gotjaimelannister just a distraction while i'm capping different things BUT PELASE THIS SCENE AND THESE TWO FIERCE MOTHER OF WOLVES BOW DOWN OR BE HANGED i'm so happy they added all these chared with so much tension wrath doubts and admiration moments between  jaime and catelyn THESE TWO ARE GIVING ME EMOTIONAL BONER EVERY TIME he admires her so much her strength her unyielding courage and facade made of stone though he knows inside she's a mess inside she's falling to pieces inside she's pure rage violence vengence FIIIREEEE and she is so desperate to not allow any doubts the words he speaks stir in her this poking her in her morality borderlining on rightousness nudging her beliefs with scary alternatives and blinding shades of grey and they are this close from shattering each other's world's views and yet he always escapes into sarcasm and taunts and she hides behind unbreakable walls made of cold and stone and stubborness oh and i adore this quote to bits HE GETS HER SO MUCH?? it is supposed to be another jest of his but it's CATELYN'S ESSENCE she traded warmth and softness of the south into hard cruel merciless of the north and she doesn't even realise and it's going to devour her THIS VIOLENCE THIS ANGER THIS ANIMAL HUNGER FOR JUSTICE SOON JUST FOR THE SAKE OF VIOLENCE SOON (also that last one jesus christ i need an au with brienne and cat and cat is a mafia leader and brienne her right hand her bodyguard and loyal partner and twin soul and she speaks so little but she has the most fierce looks and everyone's talking about she-wolf and that giant of a womanbodyguard of hers and how you really don't want to cross them)