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I love the phrase “what the entire fuck” because it implies that there exists some scenario that warrants only a “what the partial fuck”.
The moment I start to feel under appreciated I distance myself. I don’t care to be anything to anyone who doesn’t crave me. I do...
gif star wars over 1k over 10k i'm certain i'm not the first person to do this but i feel like this post says a lot about me as a person if some of the gifs are frozen on your dash just open it in a blog and they should play
edit EDIT:GIF Bangtan jhope hoseok papucho gif:papucho not 2 be dramatica but his beauty is inspiring
me: *forgets words in english* whoops, well english isn’t my first language some: *forgets words in native language* whoops, I’m better at english lolme @ me:
* new girl Nick Miller new girl* ngedits newgirledit gtkmm