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regular show loki avengers JG Quintel REGULAR AVENGERS
regular show loki avengers JG Quintel REGULAR AVENGERS

Regular Avengers -

J. G. Quinloki

“Oh wait, that wasn’t weed. It was acid!”

Thats right. Who better to be the trickster god than the creator of Regular Show JG Quintel. Design based on  his original demo reel “2 in the AM PM” Also wallpaper.

What are those cards he’s holding….???

Agent Don Coulson

Captain Mordecai

Benson Fury

Black Muscle & Hawkeye Ghost

The Incredible Skips

Pops the God of Thunder

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regular show loki avengers JG Quintel REGULAR AVENGERS
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Interview: Regular Show Creator J.G. Quintel (by hottopic) E...
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  • Benson:I have to go do a thing. Don't screw everything up.
  • Rigby:Dude, let's screw everything up.
  • Mordecai:No, dude, Benson specifically said not to screw everything up.
  • Rigby:No dude totally let's screw everything up
  • Mordecai:Fine, but only a little
  • (literally not even five minutes later everything is screwed up)
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Reblog if you would buy chocolate or other candies based on your fandom.
My mom owns a candy shop, and she delivers. I’m trying to show her that people would actually buy fandom related candy, or even themed baskets, as a gift or even for themselves. I’m talking pairing based goods too. We would sell at conventions too, guys. She even said if we get a thousan...