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When you’re ready to graduate

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When you’re ready to graduate
omg i hate ppl that pull that “you’re on your phone all the time so i know you see this” shit when you dont text them back…… like yea i see you texting but maybe im doing something really fun and interesting right now….. like ignoring you…. so thanks
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When Undergrads Tell Me They're Considering Graduate School
* the wood MALINDA WILLIAMS me in high school when mf's i didn't fuck with tried to cheat off me
gif me LOL funny dancing school high school When you're the only one in class that knows the answer
when you're at school and you have to walk by the bitches you hate.
  • Me:*looking up at the sky, Smiling*
  • everyone:Why are you smiling?
  • Me:The Lucker Stomp <3
nerd breaking bad bryan cranston walter white law student when in law school
edits fueled by ramen babies presh i'm so excited tbt Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph Josh Dun 21P aren't they adorable joshua dun i mean they're literally basically the same except taller guys i'm almost done with school this semester so i have time to make edits again also who's gonna be at the indy show on saturday i'm actuaLLY DYING just thinking about it freakin out man it's actually thursday i didn't even plan this
me…? LIKE ANIME? hah„, ha h, h„,. *laughs nervously* i don’t know who anime is *sweats*
Swizz Beatz http://thoughtsofablackgirl.tumblr.com/ ForTheFellas storyfromnecolebitcchie