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I always dream about that chat we never had.

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I always dream about that chat we never had.
The greatest freedom comes when you allow yourself to admit that you do not miss them, you simply miss the memories.
Your kisses still taste sweeter than the bitter past behind us.
I will love you until we run out of mornings. Then I will love you in the dark.
the thing about her, is that she was happy alone. everyone around her was looking for a connection and something to grasp onto, but she was ...
Hold me in your arms while I try to hold myself together.
I like you best when you aren’t careful with your words.
Nothing Is stranger than having to treat someone you loved like a stranger.
Find someone who will love your soul more than your body.
She was like the waves of the ocean: so beautiful and also so dangerous
We all need that person that isn’t looking for something extraordinary, but instead finds the ordinary things you do extraordinary.
You were always the type that empathized with both the victim and the criminal, the heartbroken and the heart breaker, Red Riding Hood and t...