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I’m in love with what love does to people,
The way it could make people hear sounds they didn’t notice before,
The way it could make colors seem a little brighter,
The way it evokes memories through scents.

I’m in love with what love does to people,
It pushes one to want to kick off bad habits and be a better person,
It makes one to say “I am going to make it so we can have a better life in the future.”
It gives hope and encourages growth.

I’m in love with what love does to people,
It stops people from jumping off cliffs.
It makes one to finally take that first bite of sandwich after months,
It’s that tiny voice inside one’s head that say “You’re good enough.”

I’m in love with what love does to people,
It drives people to want to make the world a better place,
It inspires people to find the cure for cancers and diseases,
It fuels the passion of our brothers and sisters to fight for rights and freedom,
for people that they don’t know.

I’m in love with what love does to people,
and when I say that, I don’t mean just the pleasant things,
I’m intrigued with the way it makes people lose their minds,
The way it makes people give their hearts to someone else and say, “Here, take it.”,
as if it doesn’t belong to them.

I’m in love with what love does to people,
I’m enthralled with the way it softens a person but also, has the power to harden a person,
The way it brings down walls and melts stone cold hearts,
And how sometimes, the very same love,
could make one swears that they will never let anyone in again.

I’m in love with what love does to people,
because in spite of everything it does,
it only makes one to love even more through ways they don’t expect;
through the built up walls, barely healed wounds, closed up hearts,
wrong choices, deluded thoughts, one is still capable of loving again and again,
whether it’s by going all out or starting over with cautious baby steps.

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