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Islam: a religion of peace or terrorism?
“There is a question I feared having to answer lately. It is the following: If Islam is indeed a religion of peace, if terrorism does not originate from Islam, then how do you explain ISIS (or any other of such groups of mad men). I was scared to answer because, to be honest, I didn’t know how...
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If you want to place the responsibility for ISIS on Islam, that’s fine with me– as long as you also credit Islam for the people who are figh...
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Fox News says Muslims don't speak out against terrorism. Here are 5 times Muslim guests denounced te...
And they do it while being yelled at and interrupted by Fox hosts. They should be applauded.
ISIS members all pray in different directions, how could they possibly be Muslims
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"Well, Islam basically advocates murder-" "The Taliban are just doing what Islam has taught them-" "Islam is the most sexist and misogynistic-" "Women aren’t even allowed to leave the house-" "Women can’t even go to school-" "Al-Qaeda is just a part of the Islamic religion-" "Seve...
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