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What Not To Do, EVER! aka The Roleplaying Sins
       This list is a group of things you should 100% never ever do. Things which will automatically make you the Forever Aloner of your roleplaying crowd. These are the #1 ways to kill a roleplay, unless the roleplayers you are playing with are fairly dense or very very easy going. These are things...
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I have no control over what my muse does.
Mun:  Really, you shouldn’t be doing that… Muse:  
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30 Days of Character Development!
HEY RPERS, what if I started a meme. It’s a simple meme. You answer one question every day for thirty days, and by the end of it, you hopefully learn even more about your character and become a better roleplayer because of it! 8Dc  Y’all should totes spread this around. Here’s the ...