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9 Photo of Key - Lucifer Era - requested by: anonymous

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request anonymous Key shinee pandeu THIS IS LATE Sorry ;A;
Key shinee pandeu cr: keyboard
edit Key shinee jonghyun JongKey sobs kibum wtf this is so messy ;A; im sorry guys it's so ugly i dont even
* Key shinee jonghyun JongKey edit;shinee key net sx* this shoot is so important lets stare at key for a min ok look at those liPS MAN
My art Key shinee SHINee Fanart happy birthday key my animation my art: key my art: animation i took a break from kiss art challenges to make this for key's bday~ ^^ sorry the quality is crap... i literally tried everything and i can't fix it TT better than nothing i guess
gif request anonymous pierce the veil vic fuentes mike fuentes jaime preciado tony perry 10k i'M SORRY THIS IS SO LATE like seriously i've been kind of busy lately but here it is yay it's not that good though
wgm gifs request Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho apink a pink kibum jjong Eunji gwgm shineepink i enjoyed doing this lots a good distraction on a side note this is not for eunji's bday coincidence i happened to finish it today i wouldnt do eunji like that hhh I FORGOT TO TAG MINGO
1k gifs mine Key onew shinee kim kibum jonghyun taemin lee jinki lee taemin kim jonghyun minho choi minho gif:shinee its too long sorry this took me an eternity 8(( odd is gold ;a;
1k mine request appreciation got7 jackson wang ujwgifs (im so sorry this is so late and overdued OTL) this is more like his pouts + kisses but same also how is his lips so red all the time wtf they look so kissable :(
my edits doctor who amy pond karen gillan anonymous gifs* dw* dwedit 2k* sorry there are only four and that this is a bit late
request Key shinee kibum edit4 key** this picturE is forever my fave
wgm mine holy notes Key shinee a pink Eunji keyji or is it eunkey? idk but I ship weeps they're so cute sorry hoji I am a betrayer I am on this ship now