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cardcaptor sakura ccs clamp card captor sakura Sakura Kinomoto CCS gif birthday gifs TODAY IS MY BLOG'S BIRTHDAY!!! thank you so much to all my followers for all the support these years~ i feel the love when i see the response to my gifs
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gifs haha THG things i made my hand slipped this has been my year a friend posted the top photo on fb and this gif was my response my shitty year
1k my gifs my stuff 5k 10k 20k wank JEREMY CARVER Charlie Bradbury spnedit quakerhobbit sunflowerchester sdcc 2015 i feel like you guys will appreciate this i guess i better tag but seriously it was a good question and i am not a carver hater but this response was weak
  • Skinny Girl Eating Salad:Omg stop dieting! You're sooo skinny!
  • Skinny Girl Eats Burger:You're so lucky you can eat whatever you want and still be thin!
  • Overweight Girl Eats Salad:Why is she eating healthy? It isn't doing much.
  • Overweight Girl Eats Burger:This is why you're overweight. Go on a diet or something
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My art pearl jam animation project thank you so much for your positive response for the previous part of this project
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