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Do you love yourself? I ask you this both seriously and sincerely. So do you? Are you proud of where you sit in this moment? Have you sacrificed to get here? Do you dance along to the music inside of you, or do you walk properly with the look and fear of the other? Do you direct yourself by your own volition and intuition, or do you travel down the conventional road safely in hand with man’s logic and arithmetic? These choices are for your choosing, but in order to have self-love, I believe you must have you; for how can you love what is not true? …Actually, and unfortunately, I know many people who do; for a while, until they eventually end up with so many selves they are attempting to be that they no longer know which one to love anymore. But I’m certain if you live in their world, you will never know yours—and what a shame that would be. The river of life is flowing inside of us all, but in order to ride its fiery rapids you must fully jump in and trust the energy that naturally drives you. You will not always be able to reason or rationalize your feelings and choices…well, you can try, or pay someone to try, but they will not fit into our neat and orderly worlds of convention. And why should they? Is our DNA not proof enough that we are all individuals with different make-ups? What I would like to tell you ladies and gentlemen, is your life is beyond two times two is four! So unleash the freak, jump in, become who you truly are, and live outside the borders of any normal. And don’t just open the doors, don’t just take off the hinges; tear down the entire structure! The Great Adventure is not an expedition, it is the journey through the slowly unfolding mystery of your true self; follow it—with no other goal than to burn, both hot blue and joyous red. Never forget what profound beauty and truth comes through our suffering; we must use it! Well-being through comfort and security cannot be our only goal, for that should be our last; it is death. We must do the deathless dance in the infinite cosmos! And we must always know that before you are truly capable of loving others, you must first love yourself. Learn to love yourself and the world will start turning into a better place. I believe a brighter world starts there.

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Do you love yourself? I ask you this both seriously and sincerely. So do you? Are you proud of where you sit in this moment? Have you sacrif...
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