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ring pagan viking norse norse mythology runes Pagan art viking craft pagan jewelry

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  • me:what are your life goals?
  • people:I want to get a good job as a lawyer/ politician/ secretary/ other sensible things and get a mortgage and get married to an equally sensible and successful professional person and own a nice car or two and raise my children in the leafy suburbs and get promoted and be successful and happy. What are yours?
  • me:I want to run away to uninhabited parts of Northern Europe and live in a wooden cabin I've built and burn fires and worship the old Norse gods and drink ale and mead out of horns and dance in the forest giving glory and praise to nature and gaze out at the snow whilst wrapped in a big fur cloak and live off the land and hopefully meet an amazing lover to share it with and paint and write and feel in tune with everything natural and divine and not care about the modern world or money or anything at all
  • people:what
  • me:nothing
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