• robert downey jr gwyneth paltrow 1000 notes pepperony pepper potts no im not m: iron man marvel verse robert x gwyneth brcelebs gwybert rdjgp IT'S FINE I'M FINE robERT WHAT EVEN hoW DOES ONE JUST?????? ur the biggest lil shit around and now i can't deal all my gwybert feels coming right abck uR THE WORST ROBERT what does this all mean he's going to leave and then he sees the poster and kisses her like bYE HONEY i dont understand u robert but i love u anyway even if you ruin my life with these stupid feels also sorry for shit quality gifs effiestrinkets •
robert downey jr gwyneth paltrow 1000 notes pepperony pepper potts no im not m: iron man marvel verse robert x gwyneth brcelebs gwybert rdjgp ITrobert downey jr gwyneth paltrow 1000 notes pepperony pepper potts no im not m: iron man marvel verse robert x gwyneth brcelebs gwybert rdjgp IT

Robert Downey Jr. detouring as he leaves the Iron Man Japan press conference to kiss the poster version of Pepper Potts on the lips. [x]

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mygifs robert downey jr rdj Tonight Show pound I don't know what to feel rdjedit my babyy young downey marvelcastedit mcucastedit aou press it's like cute mixed with pride and nostalgia it's like i'm so proud of how he turned out to be but at the same time i'm sad because what life he had ahead of him
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cockatiel Signal Boost pepper i don't know what happened please please please help please spread this i am absolutely beside myself at the moment i'm using a different funding site because i know gofundme has done some shady stuff i would really appreciate even just reblogging this if you donate any amount i will send you a card even internationally any amount helps he was totally fine and playful last night now he's like a different bird and I'm so worried pepper's vet visit
MY EDIT game of thrones jon snow stannis baratheon gotedit gotjonsnow gotstannisbaratheon all right all right all right this is the last part (for now *cackle*) of my weekend obnoxious campaign:  jon and stannis sittin’ in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g i’d say sorry for being one track mind but I’m not I MEAN LOOK AT THIS SHIT PART 2 LOOK AT THIS STUBBORN UNYIELDING OBSTINATE PURE IRON (haha stannis is the most pragmatic strategic and sneaky commander out there I LOVE THIS MISCONCEPTION being proud and stubborn as a character does not equal being this as a military force as leader as king) LOOK AT HIM ADMIRING THIS BOY RESPECTING THIS BOY FOLLOWING THIS BOY’S ADVICE  treating him like equal like partner like ACTUAL SECOND IN COMMAND stannis is a foreigner on the wall in the north he knows nothing of these lands these people more – he’s got this beef from early years he could have harbuored in him and let himself be defeated by it WHAT HE DOES INSTEAD IS RAISE ABOVE IT AND BECOMES ACTUAL NORTHERN HERO through willingness to act and interfere when no one else would AND IT’S ALL DUE TO THIS BOY his competence strategy intelligence i mean stannis would have walked right into the trap of dreadfort if it weren’t for jon not to mention MORE THAN HALF OF HIS ARMY ARE MOUNTAIN CLANS SUGGESTED BY JON (like jon open the gates of the most obscure and RAWEST parts of the north for stannis BECAUSE HE TRUSTS HIM THIS MUCH) and stannis walks through these gates with RESPECT AND AWARENESS OF A NEGOTIATOR NOT INVADER BECAUSE HE RESPECTS JON THIS MUCH yes it’s cooperation for mutual gains but it’s guardianship and mentorship and partnership that genuinely came from this and bonded them I SHOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU SON *stannis looks longingly at jon like HE’S ALREADY ONE* jfc goodbye (selyse reading her husband like an open book LIKE NO ONE ELSE CAN is another topic for gifset and tagrants BUT PLEASE I’M DYING) (plus that caption quote is basically what selyse does here yet with melisandre SHE KNOWS HIM SO WELL AND ANTICIPATES HIS REACTIONS LIKE NONE OTHER and this is another reason to die but not here it's got obnoxious enough i shall go)
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my little pony mlp rainbow dash fluttershy rarity so... the more you know u know what After five tags tumblr doesnt show the rest of your tags on your posts so IM JUST GONNA LEAVE IT LIKE THIS NO TAGS FOR YOU APPLE JACK And non for twilight and pinkie And by showing I mean that ur posts dont appear under the tags u tagged them as only under the first five MAN am I happy that this set is finally done even tho I still want to make two more posters AT LEAST I will have a complete set to sell now
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my stuff robert downey jr. robert downey jr rdj look at him rdjedit rdj af i am rdj trash af this is a super lazy set in that 8 out of these 10 gifs were already made and i just added a caption but heyyy it felt like the right thing to do i was gonna do a hot af but that speaks for itself
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