• bold what applies to your muse: strengths vs. weaknesses! && [[ BONUS: put a STRIKE THROUGH ... roleplay ic character development roleplay meme roleplay memes inspired by the little thing i wrote earlier musingxmemes •

bold what applies to your muse: strengths vs. weaknesses!

&& [[ BONUS: put a STRIKE THROUGH each trait that they USED to have, but have unlearned due to character development, trauma, etc. - feel free to add more! ]]

s t r e n g t h s :

caring | merciful | brave | determined | forward | flexible | cheerful | wise | clever | humorous | spirited | lighthearted | mature | strong | sentient | generous | loving | calm | calculative | rational | unselfish | controlled | tactful | nurturing | protective | independent

w e a k n e s s e s :

panicky | cowardly | unthoughtful | rash | stubborn | intransigent | negative | temperamental | scatterbrained | grim | dull | unwise | unstable | weak | irrational | awkward | greedy | over-protective | over-sensitive | rude | selfish | explosive | tactless | clingy

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I have a massive favor to ask all of you. Please take just two minutes out of your busy days to do this. I’m asking for honesty, and for your empathy. If you have ever, in your entire roleplaying career, been intimidated to go up to someone to ask for a roleplay, please like or reblog this pos...
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