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My art rose quartz pearl steven universe su spoilers steven universe spoiler pearlrose rosepearl
My art doodles SEND HELP steven universe su pearl su rose quartz pearlrose pearl is beautiful cinnamon roll... i love... still need to watch the new episode i die
Fanart rose quartz pearl steven universe pearlrose
rose quartz pearl amethyst on the run space race garnet steven universe Greg Universe su pearl so many birthdays onion trade steven the swordfighter steven quartz universe house guest coach steven which is rose's scabbard marble madness kuruk's edits ...noticed while making the particular gif: rose initiates the affectionate gesture...yet she leaves whether or not to accept her touch (and how to accept it) to pearl. rose respected pearl's boundaries and always gave her the choice to refuse. an incredibly moving detail...especially when you consider pearl's reservations about physical contact and the possibility of her being a model... she treated her as an individual...with compassion and respect and tenderness. rose genuinely reciprocated pearl's love. ...i made myself emotional about ''rose's scabbard'' and pearlrose again.
scribble ? rose quartz pearl steven universe q art su fanart pearlrose idk this show has destroyed me also i've never really drawn fanart for cartoons before and I'm trying to find a style that I like and it's hard i tried a new lineart method and brush as well as a new coloring style with this one not for me so I'm going to keep experimenting i'm going to learn how to draw cartoons even if it kills me
long post steven universe amethyst su my art!! pearl su rose quartz su i've drawn them all now so i never have to draw them or look at them again garnet su steven universe. again. ah fuck it im not tagging the rest of them sorry about all the garbage fanart ill draw something good soon. maybe
rose quartz pearl amethyst SU garnet steven universe story for steven why is it so easy to make fun of pearl sorry i had to put it right on amythyst's face but she's there
prose rose quartz pearl SU steven universe rose quarts vlad art bird mom pearlrose rosepearl can you tell that those are hair curlers
rose quartz steven universe Greg Universe steven universe spoilers garnet amethyst and pearl Connie Maheswaran mehreel cinnamintcherry i am out to ruin your days my friends also credit to the bg artists of the show i used the great panning shot from garnet's universe also NOOOOOOOO
art spoilers Fanart rose digital art sword rose quartz pearl SU connie steven universe heytherechief su spoilers steven and connie sworn to the sword do it for him steven and pearl
rose quartz pearl amethyst Stephen jasper SU garnet lapis lazuli steven universe peridot Ruby and Sapphire