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round two this needs to be a tradition

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round two this needs to be a tradition
My grades need to be higher My weight needs to be lower My stomatch needs to be flatter My wallet needs to be fatter My teeth need to be whiter My heart needs to be stronger My face needs to be prettier My hair needs to be longer My body needs to be skinnier My image needs to be cooler My boobs need to be bigger My waist needs to be smaller Society knows how to make you feel like shit
homestuck okay jane crocker Dirk Strider shite dirkjane i love this ship there needs to be more of it
[aggressively prays for a season two of Free!]
scenery porn legend of korra the legend of korra lok korra nation but for now long post for ts Aiyeee my scans are so gooddddd I'll eventually post the entire artbook you get to have this~
gifs Korra legend of korra korra spoilers Bolin this is a bolin appreciation post perfect character is perfect alright so someone needs to create a machine like in the fairly odd parents u guys remember that giant printer that made everything 3d? that needs to be made real because bolin needs to be made real
I think this needs to be addressed.
The My Little Pony fandom isn’t safe. No, not at all. It is filled with sexist misogynistic scum that get off to rape comedy. It’s unacceptable and not to be tolerated. John Joseco is a dick, but don’t make fun of his family. Just don’t. But back to the point, bronies wa...
spoilers rachel berry my stuff Quinn Fabray faberry AU maybe? also needs a ship name
  • Okay:Having a favorite member of a band and it being the lead singer.
  • Not Okay:Disrespecting the other band members.
  • Okay:Knowing only one song by the band
  • Not Okay:Claiming you are their "biggest fan".
  • Okay:Expressing that you think a band member is attractive.
  • Okay:Not particularly liking a band member's love interest.
  • Not Okay:Sending him/her hate messages.
  • ...
1k my gifs tom hiddleston month hiddles hiddleston if this gets popular it might be the start of a new monthly tradition
1k One Direction liam payne gif** this video needs to be better quality
~ once upon a time jennifer morrison Hook Emma Swan Captain Swan colin o'donoghue grapefruitonline killian jones Cause this scene needs to be giffed as many times as possible!!!!