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RP munday meme

Mun: Let
Age: +21
Sex: Female.
Relationship status: Piss off.
Character: Hannibal Lecter
Why are you playing them? Because he’s a fantastic character to explore and interact with. 
Do you follow other [Insert your character name’s here]: No, I don’t follow any other Hannibals because I want to preserve my sanity. 
Flaws: I can hurt others with words in a very specific way.
Pros: I’m a loyal friend. That is, until you fuck up with me.
Roleplaying experience: Over 10 years and counting.
First character you’ve ever played: Seishirou Sakurazuka from CLAMP.
Ships: Hannigail, Clannibal, Hannidelia, Hannisha, Hannigram, and whoever the muse decides to have chemistry with. 
NoShips: Hannibloom
Favorite character besides your own: Hard to say. There’s a tie between Clarice Starling and Bedelia Du Maurier. The latter because we don’t know much and I’m attracted to her dark side. 
Do you play magic AUs? No. My Hannibal can’t play with the paranormal.
Angst Rps? Yes, please.
NSFW? Of all kinds.
Fluff? Sometimes it’s necessary, depending the thread. 
Crack? On counted occasions. Generally one liners but not much, my Hannibal’s too serious.
Are you selective? I try not to but it happens. You can’t get along with everybody.
Other blogs you’d like to recommend? I’m not very fond of naming favorites. It hurts other people’s feelings.
Final words? Have fun. When roleplaying turns into work, it’s not fun anymore.

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RP munday meme
Mun: LetAge: +21Sex: Female.Relationship status: Piss off.Character: Hannibal LecterWhy are you playing them? Because he’s a fantastic character to explore and interact with. Do you follow other [Insert your character name’s here]: No, I don’t follow any other Hannibals because I w...
  • 1:What are the MUN's OTP(s)?
  • 2:It takes two~. Is the MUN single/taken/after someone?
  • 3:Three's company, who are the MUN's two best friends?
  • 4:Is the MUN for or against crack pairings?
  • 5:It's five o'clock somewhere~ So what does the MUN do after clocking out?
  • 6:Dinnertime! MUN's favorite food(s) ((Who could pick just one?))
  • 7:Rhymes with heaven so what the hell? What's the MUN's idea of a perfect day?
  • 8:Something the MUN hates
  • ...
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