• rpg so stupid We're fucked armour dafuq? chainmail bikini lychnis •
rpg so stupid We're fucked armour dafuq? chainmail bikini

(anybody knows the author?)

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my edits oh god hannibal hannibaledit nbchannibal fuckyeahannibal murder family FUCK YOU LITTLE SHIT THIS SCENE T___________T i still haven't recovered from the season 2 finale obviously but who has this episode was fucking flawless it already felt like a season finale lmao we're so FUCKED guys
art pixel body horror rpg dogs i couldnt decide on colours so. this is what u get plllssssss make rpg class dogs w meeeee
i just saw a picture saying “dø or die” and it literally translates to die or die
Just So We're All On The Same Page
velvetdamour is the very first plus size supermodel, ever. She’s the first fat model to be signed to an agency, she walked for Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano at 38 years old and 300 pounds and that was almost 10 years ago, people. She is a pioneer of the movement. Give credit where credi...
x im so lAZY mine: * mine: all mine: lyrics mitam now we're takin off now we're takin it off tonight
everyone in jurassic park: the dinosaurs are secured in their cages and have no way of getting outdinosaurs:
love trippy rainbow life dope drugs marijuana cannabis lsd MY EDIT dank acid stoner live colorful hope passion living stone tye dye baked Faded pcp tie dye 2015 We're all fucked blazed xanax this generation ganjga
tfw u make yourself sad with ur own au idea
1k ** Jennifer Aniston we're the millers i cant believe i waited so long to watch this
death depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely pain hurt tired alone broken fine crying self hate die dead cry dying Ellen Page stupid sadness self destruction loneliness hate myself Invisible depressive I'm stupid I just feel like such a ... I just feel so stupid
baby boy with his stupid redpink hair and his stupid painted nails and his stupid face and his stupid stupid cigarette idk who to credit so hmu if you do i found these in different blogs and i honestly don't even know if these are from an interview whatever its my tag i can put whatever i want in it