• rpg so stupid We're fucked armour dafuq? chainmail bikini lychnis •
rpg so stupid We're fucked armour dafuq? chainmail bikini

(anybody knows the author?)

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rpg so stupid We're fucked armour dafuq? chainmail bikini
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by thursday morning supernatural will have turned from “season gr8” to “gr8ting my soul into tiny pieces”
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How to Deal With The Woes of Small Couches: A Guide by One Direction
there are many options when you want to squeeze 5 (or more!) people into a couch that’s much too small. One Direction offers a variety of solutions! the “Armrests Are Seats” the “the floor is also a seat” OR the “only four will survive” in the end, only za...
my edits oh god hannibal hannibaledit nbchannibal fuckyeahannibal murder family FUCK YOU LITTLE SHIT THIS SCENE T___________T i still haven't recovered from the season 2 finale obviously but who has this episode was fucking flawless it already felt like a season finale lmao we're so FUCKED guys