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Trying to keep myself together
by ripping
everything apart.

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Trying to keep myself together by ripping everything apart.
death blood depressed depression sad suicidal suicide lonely pain tired alone b&w hate crying self harm self hate die dead cry dying scars sadness empty self destruction loneliness hate myself hate me try to be gentle when you are ripping me apart hrut
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text sad she breakdown fall apart fell apart
We are all the log and Steve is ripping us apart
dope weed ganja bong pot cannibas green bud rips bong rip bong hit ripping
art so meggsie's art life is strange it's 4am lmao these fuckin' gays ripping my heart out i might colour this properly at some point idk but it's 4am rn
me depressed depression sad words Personal feelings dying Typing emotions falling emotion notice falling apart unnoticed
A prayer circle for Ailee because k netizens are going to rip her apart for this
sad tired broken personal rant break down fall apart not strong one of these days