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sad sorry i'm sorry fuckup so sorry

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mygifs bb loki I'm so sorry SO SO SORRY
  • guard:oh here come the faggots
  • guard:why are they so skinny
  • guard:do not jump into the crowd i don't want to grab your crack
  • guard:why are there 12 year old girls throwing bras on the stage
  • guard:what am i doing with my life
The Avengers Thor avengers Not an actual amazon review I'm so so so sorry. POP-TARTS No really I'm actually sorry
Benedict Cumberbatch i'm sorry I'm so sorry
Patrick Stump THESE ARE SO DREADFUL I'M SORRY I'M JUST BORED AND AHHH ;~; oh cupcake gif:ps
bridesmaids ok **** Korra legend of korra lok sorry I'm not sorry mako this scene is so stupid i had to make fun of it c0ol
Benedict Cumberbatch sorry mycbgif I'm so sorry for the shit quality I DON'T HAVE A LINK!
love depressed sad sorry so mad EMOTIONAL difficult im
** graphics Quinn Fabray I'm so sorry for this she's so pretty it's really upseting *u*
Darren Criss ! i am so sorry dear god i'm going to go die now
* the vampire diaries alaric saltzman do not go gentle this scene was so beautiful i sobbed like crazy my head is still hurting because damn too sad for words i wish he didn't have to die though... i really love him i'm too lazy to tag everyone sorry