• scary gif crazy Russia transformers aliens Meteor im not saying it was aliens dboybaker •
scary gif crazy Russia transformers aliens Meteor im not saying it was aliens

So there was a meteor that hit Russia today. A few people were injured. The videos are crazy… All the windows broke on buildings and so much chaos ensued.

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pros to having an alien lizard gflizards are cold blooded so u would have lots of excuses to cuddle w/ herlizards go very fast so she would always be on timeshe probably has fangs. i mean there’s no real facts to support this but i feel like it would be truelizards have been here as long as dinosaur...
I’m watching a usa made documentary. The music effects and the narration are so dramatic lol why It makes things look laughable even when it’s not the case
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I find comfort in knowing that people who I’ve cut out of my life are left with this version of me that simply doesn’t exist anymore. The memory and image of me that they have isnt who I am, and I’m happy that it’s that way. I’ve changed and grown and they wont ever get the chance to know the better...
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