• me trying to write a conclusion to my paper scenes the paper fabnet lemonsquad2k14 how the fuck do i write like 4000 more characters it seems i have to write about the sex scened ahahahah cutefollower •

me trying to write a conclusion to my paper


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me trying to write a conclusion to my paper
hetalia APH AMERICA i dont understand ? aph england usuk but really aph usuk the strikethrough thing is something id normally just put in the tags but its v important write more super strong america please why do people nOT WRITE ABOUT IT I KNOW I CARE TOO MUCH ABIOUT THIS its like one of my favorite canon things and no one else seems to even recognise it?? its v important
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one of the most important things to me about harry potter is its portrayal of happiness. in the harry potter world, happiness isn’t just a feeling—it’s a weapon. look at how harry and his friends fight: with riddikulus, laughter stymies a creature made of fear; with expecto patronum, the very memory...
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my gifs mine 500* hamilton 1k* Aaron Burr 100* Leslie Odom Jr broadwayedit hamiltonedit this like is like my favorite line in the entire show i need to write more about aaron burr i should write about hamilton
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about me Mine 4 graphs I do understand that authors who develop interesting plots and write well and write good characters do take quite some time to do so okay okay okay
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