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I find it fascinating that people who choose not to have children are generally assumed to feel really strongly about not having children (or even to feel really strongly against children, anyone’s children, in general). I am probably not going to have children, not because I REALLY REALLY HAT...
In a recent experiment, students who learned about the struggles and failed experiments of some of the greatest scientists who ever lived got significantly better grades than those...
Things that should be taught in public schools
Basic cookingPersonal finance (taxes, balancing a budget, retirement, etc.)Better sex edHuman sexualityCPR and basic first aidMental health managementResume writingInterviewing skillsAnd so many more practical skills that you can’t just acquire by googling for a few minutes or going to a gym.
I hate when parents don't explain death to their kids.
(This is all just personal opinion) “It ran away.” No. That’s not fair. It’s dead. It’s not coming back. Don’t do that to a child. Death is really important to understand. YES they might be heartbroken over it but you need explain the truth to them as best yo...
Educate yourself. When a question about a certain topic pops up, google it. Watch movies and documentaries. When something sparks your inter...
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Anry Fuentes made history recently as the first transgender cheerleader at Denair High School in California. Fuentes hasn’t had it easy since she came out as trans; her mom even ki...