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  • Chemist:*Spills acid on self and other*
  • Other Chemist:*Screaming from searing pain*
  • Chemist:I guess we need to hop in the shower ;)
  • Other Chemist:*dies*
  • Chemist:oh... that didn't go as planned.

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Help! The Los Angeles Science Fair is being cancelled just three weeks before the event due to insufficient funding. Over 4,000 students have been working diligently since July to compete in this science fair. They are not able to compete in any other counties and will not be able to compete region...
Me in Chemistry class:
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The smell of earth after rain
is called Petrichor, and it is caused by Geosmin. Geosmin is an organic compound with the formula C12H22O. It’s produced by several classes of microbes, including cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and actinobacteria (especially Streptomyces), and released when these microbes die. The human nose...
Completely Goofy April Fools' Day Pranks
Completely Goofy April Fools' Day Pranks