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sculpture Lucifer statue art history meme the genius of evil lucifer of liege

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The Genius of Evil (1848)St. Paul’s Cathedral, Liège.

The Genius of Evil, known informally in English as Lucifer or The Lucifer of Liège, is a religious sculpture executed in white marble by the Belgian artist Guillaume Geefs. It depicts a classically beautiful man in his physical prime, chained, seated, and nearly nude but for drapery gathered over his thighs, his full length ensconced within a mandorla of bat wings.  The magnificently human figure of the iconic rebel who failed might have been expected to elicit a complex or ambivalent response. The suffering face has been read as expressing remorse and despair; a tear slips from the left eye.

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sculpture Lucifer statue art history meme the genius of evil lucifer of liege
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