• self harm starve poem mirror mirror todayweareyoung15 todayweareyoung15 •
self harm starve poem mirror mirror todayweareyoung15

todayweareyoung15: Idek how this got over 1000 notes. I was just putting some thoughts into words, I didn’t think anyone would even notice it. Feel free to drop me an ask anytime. Stay Strong. 

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self harm starve poem mirror mirror todayweareyoung15
  • me:don't worry, everything will be ok
  • depression:i'll just fuck around with your emotions again
  • self harm:i'll come visit you tonight then
  • anxiety:i'll make you panic
  • paranoia:i'll make you think your friends hate you
  • mirror:why would it be ok, you're fat
  • mind:don't even think it will be ok because it wont
  • me:oh yeah ok
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