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((hobbes / 21 / she/they pronouns))

for trans day of visibility here’s some recent selfies !!!

visibility and representation are incredibly important, especially in spaces like this that heavily media based and communities for younger people. if it wasn’t for tumblr and other trans and non binary people sharing their stories and their existence i dont know whether i would have opened up and explored my gender in the way that i have

on days like today i want to make it explicit that there are no requirements for being trans or queer or nonbinary or however you want to identify. you don’t need to look a certain way to be a girl or boy or anything inbetween or outside

all this being said, its also super pertinent to be conscious of who you are giving representation to !! if you are reblogging this photo set of me, give equal or more visibility to the trans people (esp women) who aren’t thin and white passing and able bodied. and give visibility to the trans people (esp women) who either don’t or choose not to pass in a way that satisfies traditional gender norms

ur all beautiful !!!! <333

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While today is Trans Day of Visibility
• Please make sure you don’t out your trans friends who are semi-closeted! • If you know they are trans, but they’re staying quiet about TDOV, that’s a good sign to not make a fuss about them/reblog their older selfies/etc • Today is supposed to be about trans pride but trans saf...
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Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility
Shout out to all my trans followers and all that encompasses regardless of if your gender is female, male, non-binary, agender, or any of the myriad of labels for gender identity, or those who go without labels either due to personal choice or still searching for a label to identify with. Rock on.
happy trans day of visibility to all my trans/genderqueer followers???? you rock, keep going!???????...
A reminder to those who need it today: It is okay to be confused.  Never let the argument “You’re just confused” invalidate or intimidate you.  You don’t have to have your mind made up in order to be valid or for your experience to be real.  What you feel is real.  Even if you don’t know what those ...
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since it is trans day of visibility, we should do more than just post selfies. today i will try to be posting resources, history, and transition stories. there’s nothing wrong with posting some selfies today, but we should also be making our community, history, and siblings known. a small list of re...
Shoutout to the trans folks who can’t/won’t post a trans day of visibility selfie, who are too afriad of what may happen if the wrong person sees it, don’t feel comfortable enough with the way they look to post a pic or have their selfie reblogged, or just don’t have a way to...
don't forget that today (march 31) is the trans day of visibility!
remember to tag selfies with #transdayofvisibility and not #transtakeover which co-opts blackout unnecessarily! i can’t wait to see everyone’s cute trans & non-binary faces!
orgs to consider supporting on trans day of visibility:
audre lorde projectblack trans mediatrans women of color collectiveFIERCEsylvia rivera law projectBreakOUT!nyc anti-violence projecttrans justice funding projectall the individuals in this piece by morgan robyn colladoplease add more to this (super preliminary) list—i’m sure i’ve left off tons...
in honor of trans day of visibility it sure would be nice if all the cis allies on this website today put their own pronouns on their blog descriptions. it’s a small gesture but it helps normalize not assuming ppl’s pronouns or gender