• Send me a ? and I'll gauge my character's attraction to yours at this point in time meme list symbol IC opinions deermemehost •

Send me a ? and I'll gauge my character's attraction to yours at this point in time

?????????? | Sexual Attraction
?????????? | Romantic Attraction
?????????? | Crushing
?????????? | Squishing
?????????? | Sensual Attraction
?????????? | Aesthetic Attraction

Low ?????????? High

Hover over the names for explanations.

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Send me a ? for an IC fact or send me a ? for an OOC fact.
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Send me a symbol if you would:
? -Take me on a date ? -Stay the night ?- Kiss me ?-Hug me ?- Fuck me ?- Slap me ?-Punch me ?- Kill me ?- Sing me to sleep. ?-Spend hours on my blog. ?-Come with me to a festival/concert. ?-Meet up with me in the future.
Send me a symbol.
æ: Post a picture of yourself ?: Share a childhood memory ?: Make a confession ?: Share one of your insecurities ?: Share something about yourself others might think is weird. ?: Share a turn off ?: Share a turn on ?: Share a song that takes you to a certain memory in the past. ?: Share the ...
Put a symbol in my ask!
?: Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what color(s)? ??????: Ever tripped in front a bunch of people? ?: When was the last time you tied your hair up? (if your hair is long enough) ?: Are you currently dating? ?: Ever felt attracted to the opposite sex before? ?(???)?: Have you ever wanted to flip...
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  • send me a:"✎" and i'll handwrite your url
  • send me a:"♔" and i'll draw you/your character
  • send me a:"✉" and i'll handwrite a little story for you
  • send me a:"✈" and i'll handwrite the one place I most want to go
  • send me a:"★" and i'll handwrite my favorite color
  • send me a:"♥" and i'll draw you a picture
  • send me a:"☀" and i'll handwrite my favorite season
  • send me a:"✦" and i'll handwrite my favorite animal
  • ...
  • ☮:______ or ______? (era, group, mv, idol)
  • ✂:I love your blog!
  • ✐ :tell me some of your favorite fics!
  • ☺ :post a picture of yourself with ______! (aegyo, handwriting, gesture)
  • ❤:what made you realize you love your bias?
  • ♨:I ship you with ______! (idol, username)
  • ☏:top three blogs for ______ (certain idol)
  • ✭:describe a perfect date with your bias...
  • ...
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  • ♂ I'm a boy and I have a crush on you
  • ♀ I am a girl and I have a crush on you
  • ☀ You're beautiful
  • ☹ I hate you
  • ♡ I love you
  • ☼ I wish we were friends
  • ⌘ I love your blog
  • ♫ I relate to you
  • ...