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Send me ( ?° ?? ?°) for a bad pick up line.

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Text meme
Send me a symbol for a: ? - Drunk/drugged text ? - A heartfelt text ? - An emergency text ? - A bedtime text ? - A text while travelling ? - An angry text
Send me ( ?° ?? ?°) for a bad pick up line.
Send me a ? for my muse's response to your muse breaking down in tears
Send me a symbol to recieve the following from my muse
Send ? for a morning text Send ? for an angry text Send  ? for a drunk text Send ? for a vague text Send ? for a worried text Send ? for a text not meant for you Send ? for a text that should never have been sent Send ?for a saucy text Send ? for a long winded confessing text  Send ? for misguided...
Send me a symbol and i'll write a starter
Or send me “Alternate” and i’ll generate a number ? Zombie Apocalypse AU ? Royalty AU ? Arranged Marriage AU ? Highschool AU ? Roommates AU ? Hospital AU ? Cafe AU ? Flower Shop AU ? Vampires AU ? Werewolves AU ? Werecats AU ? Mermaids AU ? Models AU ? Ac...
Send me a symbol (maximum of 3!) for what you'd like our muses to role play!
THEMES: ? Action? Adventure? Angst© Comedy? Crime? DramaÜ Fantasy? Fluff¤ Horror¿ Mystery? Romance? Slice of life? Smut? Thriller AUs / SCENARIOS: £ Bank robber AU ? Childhood AU? Coffee Shop AU? Courtroom AU? High school /College AU? Makeover AU? Pirate AU? Penpals AU? Prom AU% Roadtrip AU?...
Send me a ? for my muse's reaction to finding yours asleep on their couch.
“Are you feeling okay?” “You’re even paler than usual, and that’s saying something.” “You’re shivering.” “I’m s-so cold.” “I made you soup… Or at least I tried.” “This medicine tastes awful.” “Will you stay with me tonight?” “I’m not going to leave you.” “I’ll take care of you.” "I told you th...
Send me a ? for a date with my muse
Send me a ♛ for a GIF that sums up our character's relationship
Send me ++ to be introduced to a member of my muse's family
Send a ♣ for my muses reaction to accidentally walking in on yours getting changed