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I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-30 to see how our muses spend their weekend- all fluff.
  1. Doing nothing
  2. Vist a zoo
  3. Go to the cinema
  4. Make cakes
  5. Prank call everyone
  6. Window shopping
  7. Playing games
  8. Making their own face scrubs
  9. Camping in the wilderness
  10. Hitch hiking
  11. At a pet shelter
  12. Making costumes
  13. Partying
  14. Playing volleyball at the beach
  15. Go to Disney land
  16. Visit a fun fair
  17. Go to a music festival
  18. Go horse riding
  19. Go clay pigeon shooting
  20. Go to the park
  21. Redecorate a room
  22. Have a barbecue
  23. Learn how to make bouquets
  24. Sparring
  25. Watching a sports game
  26. Going to the spa for pampering
  27. Travelling to a big city
  28. Sight seeing
  29. Competing in contests
  30. Making a snow man
  31. Going to a culture festival

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hurt meme.
“ i got you. it’s gonna be okay, you’re going to be okay.”“i feel like everyone’s miles away from me.”“my mind is a dark place. you don’t want to be there.”“i know this hurts, but you have to stay awake.”“don’t close your eyes, please don’t close your eyes!”“i just want to be numb, i don’t want to f...
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  • "Who IS that person?"
  • "Care to dance?"
  • "Have you seen the prince? He's so handsome."
  • "You should introduce yourself."
  • "I want nothing to do with them!"
  • "I'm sorry... Do I know you?"
  • "I have met so many people today. I'm afraid I forgot your name..."
  • "Would you like a drink? The champagne is amazing."
  • ...
Possessive Starters!
“You belong to me.” “You’re mine to own, understand?” “No, you’re not going out without me.” “Where do you think you’re going dressed like that? Your body is for my eyes only.” “Did you think I wouldn’t notice you sneaking out?”“You’re not allowed to see them anymore.” “You’re being too friendly wit...
Send “Peck” for a reaction from my muse when yours give them a kiss on the cheek.
Or: “Smooch” for on the lips“Double Smooch” for on the neck
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