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We talked about the great work SWOP and others are doing with sex workers on our recent podcast episode "Sex Work is Work."

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A 37-year-old mother of three, she very succinctly told me about her life: “These were my options: I could be apart from my children for 10 ...
  • Customer:How can you do this job (stripping)? Isn't it degrading having to take your clothes of for money?
  • Dancer:You're the guy that just forked out $300 for me to take my clothes off. Isn't it degrading having to pay that much before a girl who looks like me will take her clothes for you?
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Tyra Banks is an idiot. Sasha Grey lover for life.
Part 1 - Sex Work Approved Payment Options
Paypal [x] “You may not use the PayPal service for activities that… relate to transactions involving…. certain sexually oriented materials or services.” See this blog posting for ways that PayPal will find to close or freeze your account. Do not use.Square [x] - “&hel...
Sex workers should not be expected to defend the existence of sex work in order to have the right to do it free from harm.
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Anyone who thinks sex education is unnecessary needs only to go on a fanfiction site and see some of...
"How can you be a feminist when men objectify you at work?" - a response
As a stripper, I am faced with this question daily. If not online, then by my peers. If not by my peers, then by the judgemental partners of some of the other girls I dance with. If not by their partners, then by customers themselves! Someone, somewhere, is always going to be asking me (and any othe...
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