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The Orange is the New Black star expands her trans media empire in the form of a new documentary about trans teens airing this fall.
Please consider emailing Time magazine at feedback@time.com to get them to reconsider not putting Laverne Cox on their list. She overwhelmingly got voted in at 91.5%, but was not put on there. Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood had 25% of the vote and was put on there. The erasure of trans*women, and women...
Katie Couric is a supreme fucking asshole. Also, I fucking LOOOOOVE Laverne Cox. === On Monday, transgender model Carmen Carrera and Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox m...
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So many students have said, trans students have said; now I can have a point of reference when I talk about who I am. My friends are like, ‘...
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I look up to laverne cox so hard 
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