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From being called a “worthless bitch” who “needs a shock collar” and “seems castrating,” it’s hard to overstate how much sexist bullshit Hillary Clinton has had to put up with in the media.

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In 2016, would you prefer to be called Madame President or Mrs. President?
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Obama/Clinton 2016.
And by that, I mean Michelle and Hillary.
Hillary Clinton on Being Asked about Her Clothes
Interviewer: Okay. Which designers do you prefer?  Hillary Clinton: What designers of clothes?  Interviewer: Yes.  Hillary Clinton: Would you ever ask a man that question?  Interviewer: Probably not. Probably not. [Via UniteWomen.org; State.gov]
Sec. Clinton
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Acceptable 2016 Presidential Tickets
John Green/Hank Green Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Brotherhood 2.0 Resident Mathematician Daniel Biss/John Green Robert Downey, Jr./Betty White Ellen DeGeneres/Darren Criss
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A (Short) Open Letter to the US Population
Think about this for a minute, as of 2013 only 41% of the population lean Republican when voting. To make matters worse, in the 4th quarter 2013 only 22% of the population identified themselves as Republicans. So how do they have so much influence in our political system? Easy, in off-year elections...
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