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the vampire diaries my stuff tvd caroline forbes candice accola Vampire Diaries klaus Joseph Morgan klaroline ALL THE FEELS I SHIP THEM SO HARD Klaroline all the way not the best coloring but it was a fast one look at his face he is so happy
it makes me laugh how many people are like “omfg Dirk and Jane’s friendship in this update is so cute!!!”  like they’ve had a really great, really adorable friendship from the beginning. He rewrote a whole damn book for her basically and made her a robo-bunny out of a prized ...
if there’s a second season, I want more Mikoshiba because how can you not love this little cutie look he even has those notice me senpai boys kissing the ground he walked on OH AND I STILL WANT HIM TO END UP WITH GOU
my stuff Dianna Agron i know it sucks but this angel is so flawless
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danisnotonfire im laughing so hard again idk dantesers i ship it ok yt
legend of korra kataang makorra i dont really ship it all but you can deny how hard they are pushing it makorra i mean obviously i ship kataang like my salary depended on it holy shit id be so rich
girls adorable mine otp new girl ship gifset talk cuteness i ship it i cant so hard nick x jess i died description Ness I REALLY CANT 2x17 marriage 2x17 table 34 new girl kiss but its jess x cece
my gifs bones emily deschanel david boreanaz Demily sdcc bones i ship them so fucking hard and i'm not ashamed of it i mean they meant together they belong together everything is my painfull ship and nothing hurts