• she deserves better than this hotasice •
she deserves better than this

i’ve seen this pic on tumblr today and honestly? this is so rude and mean  like ariana may not be as successful as frankie but she’s a cute girl? why is the media so harsh on women :(

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pretty little liars mygifs pll spencer hastings troian Bellisario recent pllmygifs she is a hell of an actress tbh she deserves so much better than this show tbh ugtjktg
My art Fanart puella magi madoka magica also I was far too lazy to do anything more than a loose sketch oh god it's so ugly also this was Count's idea praise her she deserves it
photoset glee santana lopez naya rivera heather morris Brittany S. Pierce sugar motta 5k Vanessa Lengies i miss this meme i wish sugar had more lines to connect to them also i can't believe santana doesn't have a better 'better than you' quote! at least that i can think of that's like her whole personality i have another comparison that deserves it's own photoset tbh
mine tmht larry tmht nothing is better than slowing it down for the dramatic effect it deserves
** mine6 the hobbit ugh Graphic bilbo baggins thorin oakenshield 2000 thilbo bagginshield hobbitedit this was way better in my head
** gifs* Sansa Stark shae gotedit gotsansastark sansa x shae god damn i shouldn't like she the way i do but she is way better in this show than she is in the books
When I do charity events dressed as Batgirl, all the children of color are absolutely overjoyed. They literally embrace me and I can see the...
disney mickey mouse minnie mouse steamboat willie more than MinnieMouse mickeymouse oswald the lucky rabbit
the infernal devices Bazinga Tessa Gray lee TID ...... sighsighsigh TIDedit tessagray please excuse me i acutally have n o i d e a what this focuses on at all i really wanted to make a tessa graphic after the convo annie and i had about how fibbity fab fab she is urgh she deserves so much tessa can i marry you please oh my download is finnished sheldon is wating for me and she returns 69 years after to publish it hvd!
One Direction Zayn Malik mine mygif who we are SHIRTLESS AND SCRUFFY AND CUDDLY ZAYN DESERVES MORE THAN 8 FRAMES HE DESERVES 9848 FRAMES this is shit but i had to make a gif of this
over the summer i met joe jonas with my friend and when it was her turn to say hi to him she walked up and asked “did it hurt?” and he was like “haha what?” and she said “when you fell… at the AMAs” and i’ve never heard someone laugh as awkwardly as jo...
hey i know i have a fraught and passive-aggressive relationship with time magazine but please take like a minute out of your day to vote for laverne  cox to be in this year’s time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world this year