• Shubbaart long post whatever i guess this was sitting unfinished in my folders so i thought i would try and finish it i probably stopped working on it because i realized that it wasnt all that funny but shubbabang •

Me attempting to finish a game in nondescript open world rpg land

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lost my stuff dharma initiative i loved the dharma it was so interesting and remember that dharma thing on the dvd i thought it was real and i was like no way that is amazing then my heart sunk when i realized it wasnt i wanna be in the dharma and be a workwoman :)
gifs lord of the rings LOTR ugh gifs[2] gif series: lord of the rings this is it do you guys remember that lotr gifset I told you I was working on like two months ago? this is what took me five-freaking-EVER and it wasn't the gif-making that took long it was trying to figure out what to gif I wanted to do more but this has been sitting in my draft box for far too long so this is just part 1 :) I'm probably going to regret this yeah not going to tag everyone
making a tumblr was simultaneously the worst and best decision of my life but mostly the worst
a brief summary: galvanize
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R U Mine?
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My art BBC Merlin merthur otp: i couldn't bear to lose you yes merlin just fling yourself at him that's right he'll always catch you :') pretty sure i exploded with emotions at least 73 times while drawing this i also no longer have any teeth because they all rotted and fell out of my mouth from the PURE SUGARY SWEETNESS also i'm pretty sure in *modern day* the lake was supposed to have turned into a field but that's stupid fuck that is anyone even online right now whatever i wanna post it i'll just reblog it later one day i will post art that doesn't have a paragraph of pointless tags but today is not that day :)))
mine jewelry
from what i’ve seen the tolkien fandom is handling getting a popular movie and a wave of new fangirls a lot better than the marvel fandom did like the marvel fandom was like “you didn’t read the comics? get out of here you poser” and the tolkien fandom is just like “COM...
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