• oh my god i dont have a gag reflex shut up malekith I'VE BEEN STICKING MY FINGERS DOWN MY THROAT FOR LIKE 10 MINUTES AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING malekith •

oh my god i dont have a gag reflex

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oh my god i dont have a gag reflex
mine also Dinah bc the originals shhhhh otp: my other half camila they're like fifth harmony camila cabello dinah jane hansen Dinah Jane caminah this is queued btw i've literally been laughing for 10 minutes 'DON'T TOUCH THAT' 'gosh chancho we are on stage' 'settle down why don't you' have i ever mentioned how much i love the chancho and cheechee nicknames like i still love them nothing will ever replace chancho and cheechee otp: stage antics also i am willing to help anyone in need with their tumblr theme i will literally help anyone bad tumblr themes bother me so much no tagging bothers me i will make up your otp tags for you if it means you'll start tagging dj's renovation business is now open bc i'm supposed to be sleep
mine Teen Wolf au Sterek mine: gifset mine: fic mine: au sinyhale dylanships stilinskisparkles thank you becky for looking over this for me!
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My art fanfic thorkiedit THANK YOU BBY SatansSin Remember some time ago we were talking about a blind!Loki it's so tragic and beautiful at the same time and she wrote it for me i still adore it
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One Direction & Drew Brees Play Catch 
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